Velocity Curves

I have been considering buying the Midi Solutions Velocity Converter, though I kind of think the price is robbery.

Is this something that has been considered for a future implementation in the Midihub?

It would be a really great addition, and tbh probably create a competitive product for others considering the Velocity Converter, as Midihub does loads of other things as well, for not so much more money…

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The Equalizer pipe is already doing a similar thing, based on a curve, but the input is actually the note number, not the velocity.

We can easily reuse that implementation to add a ‘Velocity Curve’ pipe which would act on the velocity instead. :slight_smile: Or even simply add another parameter to Equalizer, to make it switchable to work with velocity instead, but the Equalizer name would no longer be fitting. :smiley:


That sounds indeed interesting!

Thank you so much for developing MIDIhub. What a great and useful hardware device. The MIDIhub and the editor both work great in Linux, which I wanted to mention for other Linux users wondering about this.

I’ve recently needed to create a velocity curve for a software synthesizer that does not have that functionality, and the Equalizer pipe works very well, using the “Velocity (itself)” kind.

I would like to suggest a possible feature enhancement, to make the equalizer finer-grained, from a 3-point equalizer (low, medium and high), to a 5-point equalizer (low, medium-low, medium, medium-high, high), possibly with an either/or option in the pipe’s properties list to use the pipe as either a 3-point or 5-point equalizer.

"Name"            "Value" (drop-down menu)
Control points     3 points
                   5 points

In addition, I would like to suggest that because the equalizer specifies gain or attenuation of a range (of notes or velocities, for example), it might be more appropriate to substitute the name/label “Mid” for the word “Medium.”

–for 3-point equalizer–


–for 5-point equalizer–


If adding an option to make it a 5-point equalizer would mean a lot of work, it’s probably not worth doing, because the Equalizer pipe already works well as a velocity curve generator with 3 points.

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Hi @steve777, if you wanted to experiment with this now you could emulate more bands by splitting your full note range off into separate pipelines using:

  • Note Range Filters followed by Transpose in the case of Velocity (Note #) or,
  • in the “Velocity (itself)” case, Transforms (with different ‘Work with Velocity in Range…’) followed by Velocity Rescales before the split range’s respective Equalizers

the second case might look like this
(here two Transforms - Insert After then Replace - split Velocity Range to two channels)

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