Set channels in channel remap pipe from message contents. (Not midi mapped)

Currently I can only set the channel remapping using the “map” function. This is fine, but it means I can’t modify the value dynamically in my pipeline.

I would like to either set the channel remapping parameters from data contained in messages passing through the pipe - either the CC number or value.

Alternatively routing each message based on the CC number or value would be useful.

This will dramatically reduce the number of almost duplicate pipelines I have made. In this case I am routing a specific CC number (1-6), each to a different channel. (I need to use the CC values for passing into the destination system so mapping is not possible.)

With this I could make one pipe for the following. It also solves a couple of other challenges I faced where the only option is to create a large number of pipes (I hit the limit!)


Hey, could you provide some example MIDI messages and how their channel would get remapped?

Sure. My aim here is to multiplex mute CC messages for multiple channels onto a single channel. (Due to sending CCs from my launchpad to hardware that has overlaps in the channel numbering range. I filter notes separately)

Msg A:

  • Channel 3
  • CC# 5
  • Val. 127.

Routed into row 1 using filters. Channel remapped to channel 5 which is hardcoded for this row. CC# remapped to 94 (mute). Mutes track 5.

Msg B:

  • Channel 3
  • CC# 6
  • Val. 0.

Routed into row 2 using filters. Channel remapped to channel 6 which is hardcoded for this row. CC# remapped to 94 (mute). Unmutes track 6.

I could have one pipeline that channel remaps to the CC number. But beyond this, it would be equally useful to remap to the CC Val for other scenarios.

I just read another request for more granular mapping rules - e.g. from a virtual port, which also might help here but that would take additional pipelines. I am actually starting to like the idea of dynamic remapping based on each message that passes through. (e.g. the flexibility of the transform pipe.)

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I would love something like this…

My use case is to map my LaunchKey Mini’s pads to the percussive channels of the OP-Z (Channels 1-4 by default, for bass/snare/perc/fx)

The LaunchKey Mini’s pads can only output on a single channel, so I need to remap the pad’s note to different channels, depending on its value.

Does that make any sense?!

Hi, Tony,
I’m guessing “depending on its value” means Note Number, not velocity?
Either way, Transform will do the job.

These settings:
TonyNacho_LaunchKey Mini Transform
transform Notes 60-72 (C3-C4) from Ch1 to Ch10.

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Ah sweet, I’ll give that a bash, thanks!

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