Quantise values

I am trying to set up a quantiser for my CC values. Specific value ranges mapped to desired output values.

I thought to use my CC->Note->CC transform trick with note remap as follows (in the absence of a Val remap pipe)

But note remap discards notes that are out of range so they can’t cascade to the next pipe.

I know I could break this up into multiple pipelines, but that will consume a lot of pipes / filters / converters.

A couple of thoughts as I have worked on this:

  • Any tips about other ways to do this?
  • It would be useful for all remap pipes to have an option to pass through values that are out of range.
  • Any thoughts on a CC Val remap pipe? (To avoid converting to notes)
  • A general quantiser pipe would be ideal to map ranges to values.
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Could you give some examples of the quantized value ranges you’re after (or some example of the input messages and what output you’d like to produce)?

Hi Giedrius.

For example as follows:

10-20 map to 15.
21-30 map to 21.
31-40 map to 35.

Pretty arbitrary. In this case I am setting my filter cutoff to specific values with in-tune resonance.

I think an option to pass through (not discard) out of range values in remap pipes would be useful in several situations, including cascading the pipes.

But I think that a pipe with multiple remap ranges would be the most flexible as a cascading solution does have limitations.


It seems that this idea, of quantizing a range of MIDI CC values, either with specific remapping of specified ranges of values to a single value, or simply reducing the number of steps (converting perhaps the full range of possible MIDI values into a specified quantity of values, such as 127 values converted to perhaps 15 or 20 numerically equally-spaced values)) could be useful in other situations as well, such as using a MIDI CC to control automation in a DAW, where a full range of rapidly changing values might overload the CPU usage and cause Xruns.

Anyway, it seems like it might be a handy conversion pipe to have available. :slight_smile:

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