Best Audio Interface to use with Modep

Hi. recently tried plugging my guitar into a MOTU M2 interface attached to my Pi 3 running Patchbox OS and Modep. The program looks really slick, but unfortunately once I start adding effects the audio starts getting glitchy until I restart the audio engine. I’ve read that such problems can be caused due to insufficient power and have the official Pi power adapter on order to test.

Just in case that’s not the issue, is there a specific USB adapter / hat that anyone can recommend to use? I’d like to get something I could use for live playing with friends and keep the M2 home where it’s safe if possible. Low latency, smaller size, available case, and under $100 would be preferred.

Obviously the PiSound seems to be the first choice, but it’s out of stock and it’s not clear who I could contact to find out when it would be back.

I also see that the Audio Injector Ultra 2 is available but I’m not seeing any cases that will fit it, which makes it a no go.In case it matter’s I’m located in the United States.



Hey, we’ll have Pisounds back in stock either this or next week, the new batch is about to get assembled.

Awesome. Thanks for the quick response. One other question. What is the impedence of the pisound’s in and out? I didn’t see anything specifically mentioning whether it was designed for unbalanced guitar and guitar amp or balanced signal.

You may find the specs here:

The stereo input and output are both unbalanced.

Thanks for the clarification. I also figured I should update that even with the canakit power supply the raspberry pi 3 won’t work with a MOTU M2.

I’ll keep my eye out for a status update for when the Pisound is available.