"Append Preset" function crashes Editor/not working


I have a question: Does anybody else have the issue that the Editor closes down when trying to append a preset (on Win10)?
Same behavior occurs when working with presets on disk and presets on the midihub itself.
I have the issue with 2 different machines, so I doubt that it is hardware related.

Re-installing the Editor also did not yield any results. Any suggestions are very welcome.

Many thanks, Robert

Hey, indeed, I can reproduce the crash, we’ll get it fixed in the next release.

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Hi Giedrius,

Just to let you know, that it also happens when I try to merge the port names of 2 presets when in the “append function”. As the function was introduced in a later version of the editor it might be related.


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Hey, this should be fixed since 1.13.4 editor version.