Crashing and unreliability

The MidiHub keeps hanging and disconnecting from the software. It does weird things like suddenly outputting notes on every channel, or hanging the last note and I have to hit panic on the synth.

I keep thinking I am doing something wrong, but it seems like many combinations cause things like this on my unit. I am attaching a screenshot of the latest patch that causes this. As soon as I play a single note, I get a window saying the connection to the Midihub timed out.

Everything in the screenshot is using the default settings except for the channel remap (shown in the screenshot) and the random is set to +1/-1 pitch (semitones).

Am I missing something here?

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 6.17.37 PM|568x500

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Issues like this could happen in case you have a MIDI loopback somewhere - the same events ending up at the input, and even more getting produced, until the whole line is full of data.

Could you double check whether the MIDI A output does not end up eaching MIDI IN A?

It isn’t a MIDI loop, but your comment did help me figure out the minimal setup to cause the issue for this particular patch.

For some background info, the controller I was using with this patch was a Linnstrument that was not in MPE-mode. However, I can recreate the problem with any controller, as I will get to in a moment.

I now have MIDI A -> CH REMAP (1:1 - 2:2) -> RANDOM (Semitone +1/-1) -> MIDI A.

The problem seems to be when any pitch information is sent to the MIDI A input. I suppose it is not surprising that sending pitch bend information into a random pitch shifter might stress things.

I am using a normal controller here and only touching the pitch wheel will cause the problem, as it does not send constant pitch wheel data like the Linnstrument. The problem happens the moment you touch the pitch wheel at all.

  1. If I filter out pitch bend just before the CH REMAP, the crash does not happen.
  2. If I filter out pitch bend just before the RANDOM, the crash does not happen.
  3. If I move RANDOM before CH REMAP, it does not crash, but the note gets stuck.
  4. If I remove CH REMAP, it does not crash, but the note gets stuck.

So it seems like the combination of RANDOM on pitch and pitch bend will cause hung notes. Adding a CH REMAP before the RANDOM will cause a crash.


Ok, we’ll check this out :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ve identified the issue, we’ll have it fixed in the next firmware update :slight_smile: Thank you for reporting it and finding a simple way to reproduce it.

No problem. I am a software engineer myself, so I approached it like QA/unit testing, lol.

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This should be fixed in [Download] Midihub Editor 1.11.4 & Firmware 1.11.6.

It is indeed fixed for the pitch wheel. Have not had a chance to try it with the Linnstrument yet, but I’ll let you know if its a problem.


Hey, how did you get the editor to map the linnstrument? I just got my Midihub but its not recognizing it whatsoever (in MPE-mode or not).

Hey @sluga, I saw you create a dedicated topic for this question, but it’s gone, did you figure it out? :slight_smile: