Midihub crash when changing virtual output destination via CC mapping

I created a new processing line with a virtual input, followed by an arpeggiator, then a virtual output block. I midi-mapped the destination of a Virtual Output object so that i can route it via midi CC externally. It seems that Virtual output can’t select the same Virtual channel at its input (it is greyed out in the editor) - which is understandable. However if you change that value by CC, to match its virtual input, MIDIHUB seems to crash (it disconnects from the midihub editor) and reboots. Can a safeguard be put in place to prevent this happening?



Hey, yes, it should be there, but looks like it’s not working, we’ll get it fixed.

great thank you!

Done, fixed in Midihub’s firmware, see [Download] Midihub Firmware 1.11.1 for details.


totally missed this… Thanks for fixing it so quickly!