Program Change crash from Polyend Tracker

I’m trying to send a program change from my polyend tracker to my korg electribe through the midihub. This works fine if i connect a midi cable direct from polyend out to korg in. When i try to go via the midihub as soon as it gets to the program change command on the tracker (midi ch 1 fx setting Prog chg) the whole hub crashes and needs a hard reset with the power switch.
Please can someone help?

Hi, can you attach the preset you’re using here and let us know which MIDI Input receives the program change, we’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

Hi Giedrius
Thanks for the reply - apologies for the delay totally missed your response!
So the Polyend Tracker is on Midi A IN and the Korg Electribe is on Midi B OUT

Midi hub polyend (from a) korg (to b).mhp (340 Bytes)

Thank you, we’ll look into it.

I came here with a similar issue so seems to make sense to use this thread to report it.

I am sequencing my virus b with a digitone via the midihub with as simple a pipe for this bit as possible - from A to A. As soon as i change the bank or program number on the digitone the midi hub crashes and all midi signals stop.

I’ve attached my preset too:

Digitone to modular01.mhp (115 Bytes)

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Thank you for your input, I’ll be looking into this soon. :slight_smile:

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By the way, one idea what could be going wrong, could you try changing or disabling external preset change by Program Change messages? It’s in Device → Settings menu:

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Thats fixed it for me! Makes sense as it was set to the channel and port I am using for the synth so it was presumably trying to change the midihub preset too and i only have one preset on there at the moment.

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@apeks, could you try the same as well?

Thank you, this worked for me too! Exactly as @Tim I only had one preset so think it was causing the issue, disabled that setting and all good now.
Awesome! :smile:

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