Still getting Sync 106 crashes on FW 1.11.5 when duplicating a pipeline


I’ve updated to the latest 1.11.5 and can consistently cause a Sync 106 crash when I duplicate the last pipeline in this preset. The Midihub is connected and running fine, here is how to reproduce:

  1. Download patch into preset 1
  2. Delete the two CC LFO modules that are not connected to anything
  3. Right click on the second last pipeline
  4. Select Duplicate whole pipeline
  5. Get a sync 106 error

Thanks for any insight!

Sync106 crash.mhp (773 Bytes)


Thank you for the concise reproduction case. :slight_smile: We’ll get this fixed.

This should be fixed in [Download] Midihub Editor 1.11.4 & Firmware 1.11.6.