Text/non-binary format of preset / .mhp files

First off, thanks a lot for the Midihub, it’s a fundamental piece in my setup since I got it, and I cannot understate the value it provides me, so thank you!

Here comes a slightly odd request maybe… I’ve started converting MIDI CC messages from one device to map to another device, and after about 10 of them, I realize I probably don’t have the patience to actually do all the parameters I’d like to do (about 50 of them), so I started looking into another way of doing it.

One way of achieving this, since I’m a programmer, is to have two lists of CC messages, one “from” and one “to”, then write a program that can generate the preset file for me, so I don’t have to manually create the transformation for each one.

But, here comes the problem, the preset file (.mhp) seems to binary, and I cannot find any description of the format online, so it’ll be hard for me to write a parser/generator for the format.

Would could really help, would be to have a really basic text/non-binary format (even JSON would do the trick) that the Midihub Editor could understand, together with the existing .mhp format. This way, we could easily generate preset based on whatever conditions we want.