More presets in memory

Midihub seems to be a very useful tool in DAWless (more precisely computerless) setup. And as I understand it, Midihub has 8 presets. Only it seems to me that 8 presets for modern tasks are not enough? Is there no way to expand the memory?
Is it possible to expand the memory (32 presets would be acceptable)?

At the moment there’s 8 accessible presets. You can achieve quite a lot in a single preset, especially if you make use of the ‘Bypass’ argument to disable and enable processing of horizontal pipelines.


Hmmm… I did not quite understand. Can I turn the ‘Bypass’ on and off via the midi (from sequencer or controller)?

Yes, it can be turned on and off from external MIDI controllers using CC messages.

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Ooops. Its cool.
I will buy one Midihub soon!


How does it work with CC values? With a 0 value, bypass is on and any other value is off? or 0-63 on and 64-127 off? or any other way :slight_smile: ?

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0-63 is off, 64-127 is on. Future firmware update will add more control over the value ranges of mapped parameters.


nice! does it make sense to filter the CC range for every row so you can use just one CC to control all rows (so every row is “one preset”)?

For example, I have all rows bypassed and then:
For row 1: filter CC127 to receive only value 1
For row 2: filter CC127 to receive only value 2

Then, from my sequencer, if i send CC127 - value 1, the bypass of row 1 will be disabled, but all the other rows remain enabled.

Makes sense to me, however, if after that, you send CC127 - value 2, the bypass of row 2 will be disabled, but the bypass of the row 1 will remain disabled too (as I have disabled it before)…

Not sure if there would be a better way to do this

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