Transform to CC Bank / multiple CC Presets Feature

Hey there!
Lately I’ve been wondering if more people use midihub the way i do: as a preset saver for midicontrolled synths who don’t allow for presets or have a too limited amount of preset space. I use it in “keyswitchstyle”:
At the moment I have an array of 30+ transformpipies per patch, they are all triggered with the same NoteOn value and transform it into 30+ different cc-values at once and send them to the synth to set it’s parameters.
It would be great to have a pipe wich allows for the change of multiple cc-values at once triggered by a single event in a more comfortable way then setting up all these individual transformpipes. just a list of all cc values.
What do you think? :slight_smile:

This could also be very usefull in the world of midicontrolled-Guitar pedals! just to have the ability to change between multiple presets and directly accessing the cc values (there are multiple stompboxsolutions out there for program change commands, but no good solutions accessing cc directly)

Greetings! :slight_smile: