Midihub Patch File Reader|Writer

TLDR version: any takers for a gitHub project on this?


Several users have, at times, expressed the desire to see .mhp files displayed in some kind of text format.
(Most recently in Human readable (editable) file format)

Some, like @Annaluise, @Joel_Becker, @vblr have expressed an interest in being able to run scripts to (semi) automate writing of similar pipelines/patches.

While users might like this to be available via the Editor, I think it’s unlikely to be a high priority for a small and busy team like Blokas.

Last year I spent a bit of time analysing .mhp binaries and writing python scripts to parse them.
(I’m no coder but I now have classes for each pipe-type…)

After one or two users expressed an interest in building on this, I recently reached out to @Giedrius to ask whether he & @Pranciskus would be cool with members of the community taking on such a project independently of Blokas.

Blokas view is

“We’re fine with users playing around and creating tools for our formats, as long as there’s some disclaimer saying it’s maintained by the community”

My first thought is a github project (coordinated by someone/group of users who know about that stuff) which would develop my beginnings into something properly useful to members of the community.
What that would be is up to everybody else!

If people express an interest, I’ll add an entry going into a bit more detail on

  • what my code can do so far
  • what it can’t yet
  • some further caveats from Giedrius