Spacers too big?

I bought a PiSound and installed it to a new Pi3, using the supplied spacer pillars and screws. However when tried it, then the PiSound device wasn’t recognized - “aplay -l” didn’t show it.
I dismantled the pair, and tried it without the four spacer pillars, and it works OK, but if I try and put the pillars back, then it levers the 40-pin header apart by about a mm, and the device again wasn’t detected. I could saw a mm off the pillars, but what size should they be? Is this a known problem?

Hi, they do not need to be trimmed. After mounting Pisound on top of Raspberry Pi, you should apply pressure on the side of the headers, so that the boards appear perfectly parallel and make good contact.

Hmm. I remantled it using the spacers, and it didn’t work again, even though boards were parallel. Dismantling it again, and rebuilding using spacers but with screws loose, I wiggled it until it did work, then did the screws up, and it still works. However I’m worried that it may stop again, because the headers are about 1.5 mm apart from fully home.

Shouldn’t the spacers be of a correct size to fully mate home the Pi header pins and the PiSound socket?

~1mm wide gap is by design. There aren’t any longer off-the-shelf female headers on the market and the current height of the spacers allows to have both hdmi and jack cables to be plugged concurrently.

In all the cases so far it was enough to apply slight pressure before fastening the screws. Just make sure to tighten the screws firmly to avoid any possible wiggling and you should be good to go. :wink: