Pisound case and hdmi

Anybody out there have trouble outputting HDMI after installing pisound and pi into the pisound case? My monitor isn’t getting signal, and I suspect it’s because the case width is subtracting about 2-3mm from the depth of my HDMI connector. The pi’s HDMI ports don’t stick out far enough to fully plug in the cable…

It depends on the connector type you have. Some wide ones don’t fit well, there’s slimmer ones that fit better.

The holes in the case are just the same size as the Pi connectors. It’s not width that matters, it’s depth - the connectors I’m using are pretty standard. I have to leave three of the side panels off to accommodate the things I’m plugging in, to make sure they’re fully seated in the jacks. I like the sturdiness of the box, but the material is too thick. Just an FYI…


The 3mm acrylic is the thinnest one that is sturdy enough to be used for this purpose. Some cables have a longer exposed metal base than others though. We have looked into this previously, basically if we want to accommodate all of the possible cable combos the resulting cutout is so big that from a protection standpoint is almost the same as not assembling the side part at all. And as the majority of the cables fit OK we decided to leave the cutouts as they are. If you have any suggestions on how we could solve this conundrum, let us know!

Hi Pranciskus,

I went looking on Amazon for cables with longer exposed ends and gave up after a few minutes, as they all looked like the cables I already have (particularly the micro-HDMI cable, without which there’s no computer to interact with). That’s when I went back and just removed the side panels.

Maybe you can address this issue on the web page where you sell the enclosure and recommend cables that fit (with links). Or sell these cables with the enclosure for a few dollars more. I’m sure that would reduce frustration on the recipients’ end.




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I recently bought an HDMI adapter that works fine with the pisound. [Here’s a link](Micro HDMI to HDMI Adapter, JSAUX… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09LYPXPH6?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share)

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Yes just had this exact same problem
Will probably drill out acrylic with 10mm hole to allow shoulder of mini hdmi to get in closer