Standoffs sold with Pisound


I bought a pisound and I was wondering if it will come with standoffs (25mm + screw)? If not, do you have digikey part number?


Hi, Pisound comes with 2 knobs, 8 screws and 4 spacers. If you ordered the acrylic case, it will contain 4 short spacers, 4 longer ones and a button cap.

I will need them too, would you care giving me the specs or part number (digikey, mouser)?

It’s these ones:

The picture is of smaller sized one, the specs are right however.

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I broke a couple of the plastic screws (when I dropped mine :confounded:). If someone could post a link for those as well I’d be much obliged. Thanks.

It’s these screws. They are 6mm, 2.5M screws, and can only be bought in multiples of 100 from the supplier. You could try and find some equivalent screws in a local shop, but we can also set up a custom order for a spare parts kit, please send us an e-mail at

Thank for the info! It looks like these screws from Mouser would be compatible, yes? (Perhaps with a different head size.)

I’m in the US so I fear that the shipping cost might make such a purchase kinda silly. That said, if a spare parts kit were something available at the store, I would almost certainly add it to my next purchase. For folks buying multiple kits, having some spare parts around seems like a no-brainer so maybe this makes sense.