Which side is 2x7 header intended to be on

I have a couple of PiSound boards and am attaching headers to them but I got to wondering which side are the headers intended to be soldered to?

Normally pin1 is in the upper left hand corner where the square pad is this would indicate that the headers should be mounted on the top, But this means soldering in a very tight space on the back of the board. Also soldering header and then attaching a ribbon cable uses 11-12 mm in the Z-axis, while the gain/volume knobs only use 8mm. Seems like the clearance for the enclosure would need to be adjusted.

However mounting the header on the back (opposite side from the gain/volume knobs) puts pin 1 in the upper right hand corner.

Thanks for any guidance,

Either side could work, or you may just skip the headers and solder wires directly. The enclosure was designed without taking into account anything that could be connected to the 2x7 header.

If you decide to use the bottom side of the header, just mirror the layout on the other end of the cable, so the signals line up as expected.

Yeah, I was already caught out by the reversal.