Running Puredata with GUI

Hey, I have a Pi 3b+ and a Pisound.

I originally installed Patchbox OS but when running the desktop environment whenever I try to open Puredata it opens without a GUI.

A patch that I’m using (Slice//Jockey) relies on the GUI. Is there something in the Patchbox OS setup that I can change so I can run Pd with a GUI?

How do you open/run the Pure Data patch?

I boot the desktop environment using startx.

Then I try to open Pure Data using the menu but it seems to open in the background without showing the main Pure Data window.

The same thing happens if I try running Pure Data from the terminal once I have booted the desktop environment.

I haven’t tried opening the patch directly because I need to install some externals anyway so the first thing I tried was opening Pure Data and got stuck!

Wondered if I’m missing a flag to open Pure Data in the ‘normal’ way because Patchbox OS is usually run headless with Pure Data controls accessed via the app.

Hmm, this works on my device™.

If you run a GUI command terminal and run puredata -stderr, do you get any additional output? Does it allow you to enter another command immediately, or does the terminal ‘block’ until you hit ctrl+c?

Without PD running, what output do you get from these commands:

ps -ef | grep puredata

ps -ef | grep pd

I’ve started again with a fresh install and it’s working fine! I have no idea what I did last time - sorry

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