Start graphical environment without auto-loading patch

I’m using the OS on RPI zero W and it’s working well. I’m running pd headless (-nogui) and a patch is autostarting. I need to get into the GUI as well to tweak things. Is there a way to prevent the pd patch from automatically starting with the GUI so I don’t have to kill it everytime with the task manager? I kill the pd process in the command line but then it starts again in the GUI.

Are you using the autostart mechanism from Pure Data module in patchbox module manager? If so, just select ‘none’ for the active module in the patchbox config utility.

Thanks, I’m editing etc/profile to make the patch auto-start. I thought there might be a switch for the startx command to prevent the patch from auto-starting when starting the gui. I guess I will just remove the entry in profile for now.