Pure Data GUI only appears after launching via the button if a terminal window is open


I installed pisound and it works basically well with pd. I vnc into the pie from OSX. The the Problem ist that 1Click button default setting launching puredata only works when a terminal window on the pie desktop is open. So it does not work just after the launch with all windows closed. As soon as I open a terminal window and after that press the button once pd comes up. The 3CLICK function works as expected even with no Terminal win open.

Hi, Pure Data does get launched, but without GUI enabled… This has to do with X display detection that we have - it attempts to find the one you are currently using. For some reason having a terminal window open on that display helps it a lot.

Unfortunately, there’s no 100% sure way to detect the current X display reliably that we are aware of, so at the moment this is how it works… If you know how it could be improved, do let us know! The current logic is implemented here:

Hi Giedrius,

Thanks for the quick reply. Since I did not see the GUI I was assuming that it does not run. I should have had a closer look…So this solution now works for me, if I need the GUI I know how to get it. If I should come around a solution I will let you know.
cheers Falk