Replacing Jack with a local version


tl;dr I want to replace the packaged Jack with a locally built version. But removing Jack, naively, apt remove jackd wants to remove all the programmes I need. How do I proceed?

I am having a torrid time with Jack.
Before I start bombarding the Jack development team with my issues I want to get a feel for the state of the art Jackd, so compile and install it myself.
But the Jack team are very clear: Remove all other Jack instances first.
But apt remove jackd wants to remove all the dependencies - but I want to keep them.
How do I replace the packaged Jack, with my local version, without replacing all the packages that depend on Jack?

It’s simple, locally compiled apps go to /usr/local/… instead of /usr, so you can have both the locally built version and packaged version. The difference is which one do you start in all your scripts, like starting /usr/local/bin/jackd instead of /usr/bin/jack, you can add /usr/local/bin into your PATH but, it could be better to avoid it, as it can lead to unexpected versions of software starting and something might break.

An alternative would be to simply make a backup of /usr/bin/jackd, and place a symbolic link to the one you built instead.