Configuration of Jack with other software (e.g. darkice)

I followed the tuturial for creating a stream - Exampe projekt “creating a radio station”. But starting darkice won’t work, because the audio card is already occopied with jack.
It will work if i stop jack - with e.g. sudo pkill jackd.
What also should work would be: sudo systemctl stop jack.
I made a button-script which stops jackd and runs darkice - and it works so far.
But then i cannot use darkice together with other audio software - or - what would be very useful - to route sounds from other audio software to darkice.
Is it also possible to run darkice with jackd? Wouldn’t it useful to implement some scripts for jack to start and stop it easily - or a tutorial for routing audiosoftware with jackd?

Try changing device = hw:1,0 in the darkice.cfg to: device = jack_auto, so it uses the Jack backend and makes an automatic connection to the first input source it finds. Use jack instead to have darkice as a Jack client, that you can route manually. See man darkice for more config options.

darkice should be configured to use the Jack backend to be able to interoperate with other software.