Disable Jack in favor of using Alsa for Reaper Daw

First of all, thank you for Patchbox Os. We tried several Os’ s on the Raspberry Pi, to get a audio workstation. Patchbox is out of the box well configured, to do serieus audio work.

We installed Patchbox mainly to have only one application running. Reaper DAW. And we allways run Reaper directly into ALSA. We don’t need jackd, running. First of all because Reaper doesn’t run verry well over jack, in the Raspberry Pi, it gives cracks and other disconnection misbehaviours. Especialy we run several PianoTeq 8 full version over lv2 in Reaper, and for that we need all cpu power. We don’t need other application running at the same time as Reaper, such as video, e.t.c. Reaper exclusive use alsa, in oure senario.

Right now Reaper will not work after boot, because jack hold back the connection with Alsa for Reaper. We have to go into the terminal, $ patchbox > jack > stop jack after that Reaper will connect with Alsa. As you would understand this is not a workaround.

So we like to disable jack or when that is not posible for the whole system idea. Then we are looking for a script which during the boot after jack is started, jack stops? Or what else would be a fast and consistend solution.

Greeting warm regards Crojav

Hi, do this once:

patchbox module deactivate
sudo systemctl disable --now jack

It should stop jack from starting up. Try rebooting and see if it’s running using:

systemctl status jack

If it’s still running, run:

systemctl --reverse list-dependencies jack

to see which services depend on it and should be disabled as well using:

sudo systemctl disable --now ...

Yes this stops jack from starting up, but something on the line is also disable which prevent Reaper and other sounds application to open.

A similar situation I got all ready before when I remove jack2 from the system.

After a reboot i stop jack with the command:

$ patchbox jack stop
Jack service stopped!

From there Reaper is started. But when closing Reaper and open it again, we are in the same situation as above. Reaper is not able to open/start.

Then we tried starting Jack again, and stopped:

patch@patchbox:~ $ patchbox jack start
Jack service started!
patch@patchbox:~ $ patchbox jack stop
Jack service stopped!

But Reaper still won’t start up. Only after a reboot and disable jack it will function one time.

Warm regards Crojav

( Beside all of this: I have 3 user’s on the Patchbox Os: Giedrius, Pi, Patch <<< By that if I need help I will ask it Giedrius! ) :wink: )