Set up default audio settings

Hello you all,

I’m running the newest version of Patchbox OS on my raspberry 4b. I’m using the Sabrent USB Externe Soundkarte as a soundcrad to use a mic for puredata.
I want to start pd and the jack with autostart so my patch can start immediately after boot. So I created a file in lxsession to start the Jack while boot. The problem is, that it says all the time after boot: Jack: couldn’t connect to server, is Jack running?
when I check the status of the jack it runs. While setting up wizard I chose my usb audio device as default soundcard but every time I reboot the settings aren’t saved and set back to “Headphones bcm2835_headpho” and not on “usb device”. I think thats why pd can’t connect to the jack. (after I connected the usb device, the jack is connecting with pd)

So my question is:
How can I set the settings via terminal so I can include the command in the autostartfile. Or how ca I keep the settings saved to have the Usb device as a default soudcard?

I’m really looking forward to your responds and thank you very much for your help!
I’m really struggling

The Jack server runs automatically on Patchbox OS, as long as it is configured well for your audio card, and it’s available during power up. You don’t have to start Jack manually.

The PD should be set up to use Jack, it will use whatever audio device is available via Jack backend automatically, without further configuration. Such settings should be there by default on Patchbox OS.