Pure Data not working on Patchbox

One of the reasons I switched to Patchbox OS was how easy it seemed to be.
But I was wrong!

No matter what I try, ALSA (by disabking jack) or Jack, Pure Data just crackles when I change sound volume on oscillators (it does not crackle when I change frequency). This was not happening on Raspian.

How can I overcome this? I have really no Idea what is causing it. Jack shows me 0 audio dropouts. I run Tascam US 4x4 soundcard 512 buffer, 44100. Although it should run on 48k, but somehow PD just wont work with different jack settings…

Any option to get PD 0.5 there aswell?

We’ll look into bundling updated PD when upgrading the image to buster. Not sure what’s with the crackling sound, what was the audio buffer settings you used on Raspbian that worked well?