Autostart pure data

hello guys,
i have a raspberry 4b running the latest version of patchbox. i have created a pure data patch which gets microphone input from a sabrent usb audio interface. I want to start this patch with an autostart without a screen so that my voice only comes through the speakers by starting the raspberry.
If I create a script for an autostart under lysession then the patch opens but can not connect to the jack. The audio in puredata ( DSP) is also not turned on. How can I proceed?

I appreciate any help! Thanks a lot already

Hi, use the Pure Data patchbox module - for it to be listed, it your PD patch entry point must be in /usr/local/puredata-patches/your-patch-name/main.pd

Then just run patchbox, go to modules, select pure data and pick your patch to run it automatically.