Building Jack from source


I am building Jack from source as I am sick of its bugs, and I want to find why it is being the bad programme it is.

On the Jack FAQ it says…

it is vitally important that you NEVER EVER have two versions of JACK installed on a machine at the same time.

I cannot just apt remove jack2, as that lands me in dependency hell. Has anybody here built and use Jack from source on PatchboxOS without removing Modep, which depends on it?

I think I’ve had a locally built slightly newer Jack server working in tandem with the rest of the system. Locally built software usually gets installed into /usr/local/…, the libs from the deb installed Jack seemed to have been compatible. As long as there’s no breaking compatibility changes between the version of Jack MODEP was built using and the one you build locally, it should work. To get your own Jack service running, edit the /etc/jackdrc to execute /usr/local/bin/jackd instead of /usr/bin/jackd

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I built jack, but

/usr/local/bin/jackd: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/bin/jackd: undefined symbol: jackctl_server_create2

Using strace it is reading /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ at runtime. It should be using /usr/local/lib/

Or so I thought

Try running sudo ldconfig. If that doesn’t help, try setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to first point to /usr/local/lib then to the usual lib paths. Using sudo -E ldconfig after changing LD_LIBRARY_PATH should memorize /usr/local/lib priority, until the next time this command is executed by APT package installs.