Patchbox + BackupBand


I’m happy user of MODEP with a Raspberry 3b+ and Pisound. Running last Patchbox OS. Congratulations for the HWE and SWE !

Now I would like to use BackupBand ideally together with MODEP, but…

I manage to compile BackupBand from , it starts but I’m not able to get any sound from this autoarranger (neither using the internal synth with Jack, or the external synth via jack).

Did anybody try it? or can point me out what to do… I’ve some experience in Linux but no much.

Running Backupband though a terminal, show a Dbus exception jackaudio… I try to start jack with qjackctl or Cadence, with different options (as It works in my Linux MInt PC), but not successful.

Also in Patchage I can see some ALSA ports created by BackupBand but anywhere I connect I get any sound…

any help will be appreciated!!

Hi, what is the exact error you see printed?

On Patchbox OS you don’t have to separately start the Jack backend - it’s always running, so you’d have to configure Backup Band to just use existing server.

Hi Giedrius,

I got the error: DBus exception: org.jackaudio.Error.Generic: Failed to open server.

In Patchage that 2 Audio Out Ports are created (for the backupband internal synth), and 1 midi Out Port (for the backupband external synth). I tried several possible connections (BackupBand Audio Out to System Playback and-or BackupBand Midi Out to any Midi-In, using some Modep Generator) but no audio output anyway…

Thanks for your support!

I checked this out a bit, the error itself is printed by a separate process that is executed on startup in AudioPlay.c:529.

Otherwise, it seems to initialize fine, but it may be necessary to change JackNullOption to JackNoStartServer in line 547 in the same file.

But I couldn’t figure out how to use the UI to make it output either audio or MIDI data yet. :slight_smile: For Audio I assume that the instruments zip must be installed correctly, for MIDI, you must use external synths and pick the MIDI device or manually connect the MIDI port using aconnect or Patchage.

Do you know what’s the quickest sure way to make it produce audio by itself?

p.s., in the configuration wizard, I configured it as fully featured build with all default values.

Thanks Giedrius!! I think backupband would be a nice addition to Patchbox…

Your assumptions are correct. Just don’t forget to assign each Robot to the correct synth. Then just click PLAY and the drummer should start playing, click any Chord and the rest of the band starts playing…

I find out the -fsigned-char flag should be added in the makefile, so it compiles without the “value less than minimum” warning. After that, I connected with Patchage the Midi Out to the Midi-Though port and I got the midi signal in MODEP!! :smiley:

Unfortunately the program is not stable and it crashes together with MODEP after any rhythm change…

I suppose I shoud try different JACK settings or perhaps start with a clean Patchbox install (I did so many tests…)

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