Understanding Jack audio


After so many years struggle with jack, I’d really like to know this:

Why is it so complicated to connect to jack? Why can’t every user make a connection?

Can’t be security … is it?

It makes my life so unbearable :grinning: and it already sucked days of my lifetime for fixing / understanding stuff…

Trying to connect shairport-sync which is by design running best under the user shairport-sync …if I try to change that I introduce errors on every corner.

Could somebody explain this to me so I can understand it maybe?

Thanks in advance!

It is sort of due to security. Look into JACK_PROMISCUOUS_SERVER environment variable for Jack, and make sure it’s set to the same value for every user that intends to use Jack, we’re using it successfully to share a single Jack server hosted by user jack on Patchbox OS. For example, MODEP is running under user modep, and uses the same Jack instance.

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