PWM Pins & PiSound

So, I am trying to drive a Pixel LED setup on the same unit as the PiSound, but I need a PWM GPIO pin to drive it. I know the PiSound uses both PWM pins (GPIO 18 and 12), but from what I understand one of those should be to drive the audio OUT, which I do not use.

My question is, does anyone know which of the PWM pins I could use, and if I cut it, would it render the PiSound unusable somehow?

Thank you,


The GPIO 12 or GPIO 18 are critical for audio to work, both input and output.

GPIO 13 (PWM1) is used for OSR0, it is always HIGH for every sampling rate Pisound supports, so it could be ‘salvaged’, as long as the OSR0 header pin on Pisound is pulled high to 3.3V using a 10k or so resistor.

Alternatively, you could use some external driver board via I²C to get PWM outputs, like this one:, some more searching may produce a more suitable board to your needs.