Pisound / driving external leds

i’m using a Pisound and i now need to drive an additional external LED strip and i’m having an hard time with it since looks to me that the Pisound is using all of the PWM GPIO.
i have unsuccessfully tried many workaround included libraries as RPIO to digitally mimic PWM but i had no luck until now.

do you have any sort of advice? in the house i have a ring strip of ws2812 but i can get different models if needed.
thanks in advance for any help. cheers

Hey, for something like this I’d be tempted to perhaps offload this to a microcontroller, such as an Arduino, Teensy or a Raspberry Pi Pico. If you use one of the devices with native USB support (teensy, Pico, Arduino Pro Micro, Arduino Leonardo for example) you can use it as a USB MIDI device and have the code read a particular MIDI message from the software and have it control the LED strip accordingly.

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nice idea, thanks. unfortunately i need to power everything via a UPS hat and raspberry+pisound is already an heavy load. i don’t think is my best option to power up another device

Microcontroller current draw is pretty much negligible when compared to your led power requirements. The chip from an arduino uno draws about 1/4 the current of a single led and you can get rid of the arduino board entirely & go standalone.

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hello Pentacle. do you mean with atmega? well definitely would be cool. i will just need to learn something new which is always fun

Yeah, atmega328p-pu. Mind out because there are a lot of atmega328 variants and it can be a pain to set them up with arduino software. You will definitely learn a lot and it’s a great way to delve deeper into electronics/embedded.

There’s quite a good guide on how to get a standalone chip running https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/BuiltInExamples/ArduinoToBreadboard