GPIO pin causes PI to shut down


I’m having an issue and could use some help. In short, my Raspberry PI is shutting off when I blink a LED light using GPIO pin 17.

Very excited to start using the PI Sound card with my Raspberry PI 4b.
I am using pure data with an external to control the GPIO pins: GitHub - garthz/pdwiringPi: Pure Data (pd) external for hardware I/O on a Raspberry Pi using wiringPi.
I have a LED light soldered to GPIO 17 and am toggling it using the pure data metronome.
The light turns on and off with the tempo and everything is peachy. However, I notice that when I stop the metronome, the MIDI lights start blinking… Curious. Eventually, with enough metronome activity, the Raspberry PI shuts down!

It looks like something about the GPIO 17 activity is calling other functions to run?
Why are the MIDI lights coming on when there is no MIDI activity?
Is this a known issue with the PI Sound card?
Has anyone else used the GPIO pins for powering LEDs?


GPIO 17 is used by the button. If you’re controlling it, you’re triggering some Pisound’s Button functions, one of which is to safely shut down the system.

Use one of these pins instead: Detailed Specs - Pisound Documentation

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that works! switched it to GPIO 22. the MIDI lights still blink, but not seeing the shutdown so far. Thanks!

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Do both the lights blink in the same way? If it’s only the output, it may be reacting to something in your PD patch ending up at the Pisound’s MIDI output.

If not, checkout the log of pisound-btn:

sudo journalctl -u pisound-btn

Maybe there’s still some electrical / physical reason why it reads some user interaction. Make sure your scripts don’t interfere with the pin’s configuration.