Pisound and SDA SCL (oled)

Hello, this is my first post.
I would like to add a small oled to my setup, from the specs page of pisound the sda-scl pins appears to be available on the pisound header but are colored in blue (= Pins reserved for Raspberry Pi hats use). So what does that mean?
thanks a lot!

Hi, the color coding legend is meant for the ‘Raspberry Pi Pins Used by Pisound’ section, the one below shows Pisound’s GPIO header and colors them by function (power, ground, general, UART and I²C). I see how reusing the same colors can be confusing. :slight_smile:

Anyway, the pins 13 and 14 of the Pisound GPIO header map directly to BCM 2 (SDA) and BCM 3 (SCL) and are usable.

great! thanks a lot