Pisound with Rasp3 or 4? Realtine Fx

Hi, I recently bought Pisound after reading on the Blokas web that it is compatible with both Raspberry Pi 3 and 4. However after reading this forum there seems to be quite a few different issues with both and wondered which version of Pi would be the least problematic for realtime PD processing (reverbs etc)? Many thanks for any heads up!

Hey, which issues do you have in mind?

Iā€™d personally go with RPi 4 2GB or 4GB version. :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks. No issues of my own just a couple of threads I have read here about latency issues, dropouts etc, so was just checking the waters before I buy the PI.

Im re-designing a reverb, delay effect, which I use on my Organelle M (Pi 3 architecture I think) and wanted to port it to Pisound/Rasp combination.

many thanks

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