Pi 4 or 5 for pisound


I’m considering which PI to get (i have rpi 3 b, which does not quite cut it). I have pisound + the acrylic case, is 4 or 5 better fitting wise (probably need a fan there?)

I would like it to work really well for realtime csound and would be nice to have it also work well while running through rackarrack. Is this achievable? achievable while using the nice acrylic case?

I’m mostly broke and really busy with kids, so just asking, sorry if repeating. Would be cool to be able to jam with a midi keyboard and above apps.

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@Aparaatti welcome to the Blokas community!

Since you have the pisound + acrylic case then I would suggest the 4 (8gb RAM). The PiSound/case has already been proven to work with the 4. I have been watching some posts about the PiSound with the 5 and it would seem that there are some issues that have yet to be fully worked out in the Linux kernel.

I use a Pi4 with my Pisound/case and it works great!

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thank you!

do you (I) need a fan and does normal small fan work or does it need to be a special kind of small space fan?

edit. I mean this case: Pisound Acrylic Case - Pisound Documentation

pi 5 has flipped usb and ethernet port (might still fit), stereo jack is gone, which would be a plus (source)

@Aparaatti I use the Pimorini Fan Shim on mine:

If you go that route don’t install the software, just let it run all the time.


I went for rpi 5 for NAS purposes, the goal is to fit NVMe base under pisound case. Will probably put a picture to the main rpi 5 thread once I’ve got the parts

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@Aparaatti I’d be interested to see your results, I’ve been reading about using nvme with the 5.

The Pi 5 is significantly more powerful, but needs cooling to work properly, especially if you’re using it in a case… The official active cooler is really nice (and cheap), but you need to use a GPIO extender to make sure everything works fine, and unfortunately the official case does not support this.

I’ve designed my own little case for this, happy to discuss selling if anyone is interested?

Alternatively if anyone has access to a laser cutter I’m pretty happy to just share the vector files for free (or if there’s enough interest for a 3D printed version I’ll turn these into an STL and put them up somewhere!)

I also ordered the shim fan (but the official cooler will arrive later), should it work after I attach it to the gpio pins, or does it need some configuration? ( it is not rotating )

With this it went ok in to the acrylic pisound case.

edit: I reinstalled it and now it is running :slight_smile:
edit: oh, it is not running when the hat is on :expressionless:

Post some pictures of your setup. :slight_smile:

Check the fan’s support channels for instructions how to make it running combined with hats, there might be some conflicting pin uses and workarounds.

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@Aparaatti did you install the software too or just the fan?

just the fan for now, I had only few minutes to play with it… there was here about rpi4 and similar issues, so probably it will get solved (?) at some point. picture will follow later… now I got the ssd and official cooler too waiting

Ok, what I did was that I installed the official cooler and modified it:

I also trimmed the jack sockets from pisound and covered then with insulation tape:

The ssd bottom went ok, below the pisound case (this has the shim fan btw):

I have only tested now that audio works, and it seemed to work a lot better than in rpi 3 in which I got some inteference from some where). I also tested a little the cooling and when I ran video from youtube in full screen it rose to 61C max, you could hear the fan, but no audio interference and it was quite quiet still:

So it seems to be working pretty good, though zero audio thingies done

edit. It plays csound with usb midi a lot better, than rpi 3 did with patchbox (I installed PiOS for now). Really happy with this :slight_smile: