Multicore use with Pure data and Pisound?

Hey :slight_smile:

Just ordered my Pisound yesterday and can’t wait to play around with it.

I have been using PD for years and I am pretty familiar with it, but no so familiar with Linux and Rpi3.

Multi core use and PD:
In PD if you want to use more than 1 core, you have to use the PD object called pd~. When using that object, it will boot another instance of PD, in a new thread(I think), which makes it possible to use more than 1 core. To my understanding this just makes it possible for the operating system to move the process to another core, it’s still the operating system that handles the distribution og processes.

Since Rpi3 has 4 cores, but not so fast cores, it is pretty essential to utilise more than 1 core, at least for PD, cause it works the way it works.

I was wondering:
How well is Patchbox/Linux/Pisound at handling use of more than 1 core with PD?

Does using the Pisound app to load parches close down all instances of pd, in case you are having more versions of pd open for multi core patch use?

And also just curious to hear if anyone are doing this successfully :slight_smile:


Sorry no PD user - but I know jack, and so far I only used it single theaded for the main audio transport core. That is not a problem since it’s just handing over one frame of data from one plugin to the next - and those should absolutely process them samples in their own thread. So - 5 plugins could use 6 threads.