Pisound sample rate 44100 and latency

Will Pisound still produce a very low latency for sample rate 44100?

Pisound natively supports 48kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz. Using 44100Hz would require resampling to 48kHz by the CPU, so it would likely end up slower than just using 48kHz.

Ok Thank you I should convert the PD sample rate to 48kHz

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Hi @Giedrius
I’ve converted the sample rate to 48kHz. and use the Block size on PD 128.
Which Delay (msec) should I use? I need the lowest latency.
Do I need check the ‘Use callbacks’ box?

can you give me an answer about this?

Use the lowest value possible that doesn’t cause audio glitches and distortion. Same for ‘Use callbacks’, check whether having it on or off works better. It really depends on your patch and how busy is the system on other tasks, so up to you to configure in a way that fits your use case. :slight_smile: