Pisound + Raspberry PI OS 64 working! but

Hi Giedrius,

I got my Pisound working nicely with PI OS 64 bits (with Mod stuff directly from KXStudio). Even the Pisound button is working nice, building it from source.

But I would like to use aswell the Pisound App. Is there any possibility??


Hi, supporting all variations of the OSes demands a lot of time to make sure everything everywhere works right, so we’re providing builds only for officially supported OS configurations by Raspberry Pi foundation.

Hi Giedrius,

Yes I understand that. I suppose that Raspberry PI OS 64 bits will be soon officially supported… or at least I hope :slight_smile:

On the other hand, considering the Pisound App is only interesting for Pisound owners, as far as I can see, would you consider make the sources available for pisound-ctl like other blokas stuff??

Thanks anyway.

Currently we don’t have plans to release it as open source.