64-Bit Build raspios-bullseye


I am doing a 64-bit build using raspios-bullseye.

I am installing the modep-debs and non-conflicting software from the repositories

I am part way through the process and have a few problems but nothing I cannot surmount, yet.

As far as I can tell there has not been a lot of discussion about this. I am hoping to start some.

Hi, it’s totally doable, but you’ll need to compile modep-debs for 64bit first, else you’ll need to build each part from source. There’s a thread somewhere on here about 64bit mod stuff, it’s pretty straightforward, but it’s a bit time consuming to get everything up and running. We’re using 64bit lite os for pi-stomp currently and we build all software from source during our initial install. We are moving to debs, just have to iron out some stuff with it all first.

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Yes. I have hit a wall going the deb route. The core packages of modep either do not build or do not install.