What about 64 bit support


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I’ve been working on a Real Time denoising prototype with a rpi3B+ and the pisound card, really amazing card and results ! It appears the Aarch64 (64 bit architecture mode of the ARMV8 arch) would significantly improve the performance for what I’m doing.

I’m aware of the restrictions caused by using the 64 bits mode (like no usable “GPU”), but for my use it is not a real problem. The thing is, the apt repository of Blokas doesn’t offer arm64 installation.
“N: Skipping acquire of configured file ‘main/binary-arm64/Packages’ as repository ‘http://blokas.io/apt rpi InRelease’ doesn’t support architecture ‘arm64’”
(I’m running on Ubuntu Mate 64 bits)

So I was wondering it there was anyone working on it, and if not why. If there is already someone working on it or on a workaround I’d be glad to help. If the decision was made not to develop for 64 bit only because there are not a lot of people which are really using the 64 bit mode (which I can understand), I’d like to know at least what would need to be done, and maybe start it on my own :slight_smile:

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Hey, the Pisound software in the apt repositories is only for the Pisound button and the Pisound App, it is optional. Pisound button software can be manually built and installed using the source code on https://github.com/BlokasLabs/pisound/tree/master/pisound-btn, first replace gcc-4.9 with gcc in the Makefile, then run the classic make && sudo make install.

The Pisound kernel driver is integrated into the Raspberry Pi kernel, it should be buildable for 64 bit architectures.

The reason for not providing 64 bit builds is because of the overhead to build, maintain and test additional configurations, at the moment we are targeting the most widely spread ones.



Indeed, everything is working fine, thanks a lot :slight_smile: !

I understand perfectly, but it could be interesting to give a little more details about that in the documentation. Like explaining what the configuration script actually do :slight_smile: