Pisound app for modern versions of Android?

Hello, is there a version of the pisound app for newer versions of Android?

It will not install on any of my devices because the pisound executable is for an old version of Android.

@Erica welcome to the Blokas community!

I have a Google Pixel 5 that is on Android 13 (they have been bugging me to upgrade to 14, just haven’t done it yet) and I can see the PiSound app in the Google Play Store. Question: do you not see the app in the play store or you can see the PiSound app but it won’t install on your device?

The app info for PiSound says it runs on Android 4.0.x and higher.

It only shows up in the play store if I follow the link.
It says that it is too old for both my pixel 7 on android 14 and my Huawei media pro m-5 which is 5 years old and running android 9.

@Erica I guess I need to upgrade my Pixel 5 to Android 14 and see if it shows up on the PlayStore.

It still doesn’t make sense that it is too old for my tablet running android 9.

@Erica that is indeed confusing. @Giedrius are there any hardware requirements that might make PiSound unavailable on certain devices?

@Erica I just updated my Pixel 5 to Android 14 and I can still see the PiSound app in the play store.

Is there a language requirement? My phone is in French.

@Erica I wouldn’t think so since the Pisound app is created in a country where English is not the primary language. Only @Giedrius or @Pranciskus would know.

Looks like Google made a whole lot of policy requirements changes on their Play Store that requires us to compile and submit a new build of the app. I’ll note down to look into it and fix it once I can focus on this. :slight_smile:


Any news on this topic?
I would really like to be able to use the app, but I still don’t see it in my Google Play Store (I have a Pixel 3a).

The Pisound App should appear for latest, as well as classic, Android phones on the Google Play Store now.