Pisound "out of stock"... ship in 2020?

Hey @Giedrius

We’re getting ready to deploy more live-streaming hydrophones near Seattle in spring 2020… I’d like to order ~5-10 more in Q1.

Can you give us any update on when the Pisound will be back in stock?

Happy holidays from the NE Pacific,

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Hey, it’s possible that we’ll see Pisounds delivered in February or March 2020, for anyone who wants to be notified make sure to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of https://blokas.io/store/ :slight_smile:

Glad to hear your project is expanding! :slight_smile:


Any updates @Giedrius? It looks like the Pisound is still out of stock as of today…

I’m curious because a Canadian colleague is considering emulating our hardware stack and the Pisound is obviously an important component!

Scott in Seattle

Hi Scott, we expect Pisounds to be back in stock in March. Our manufacturer has sourced all the necessary parts to build the new batch, however, the PCBs themselves are stuck in shipping due to the global virus outbreak events. As soon as they are delivered the Pisounds should get assembled and will be back in stock.

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Any updates? Now that I have to work from home, I’m more desperate than ever to get my hands on a pi sound! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

We should soon have Pisounds back in stock, all the necessary parts had been delivered to the assembly plant and yesterday we have tested the very first 2 units of the new batch, both of them were OK, so we’ve given the green light for the rest of the batch to be assembled. So in a week or two we should have them available again. :slight_smile: Stay tuned for the e-mail we’ll send to our mailing list subscribers.


any update on pisound ? i keep looking to buy one

Yes! It’s available now! :partying_face:


got it!!! thank you for best update: IN STOCK

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Seems to be out of stock again :frowning: Any chance it will be available soon?

It should be back in stock in about a week. :slight_smile:

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Back in stock again!