Availability (next batch?)

Hi there!
I was super excited when saw the first announcement of PiSound, immediately subscribed to follow progress.
After a while, I don’t see much updates, so if you guys could share some news, I would appreciate it.
I am particularly interested in when next batch of hardware is going to be available for sale. I’m totally ok with glitches and issues of the beta version - it’s a part of the fun :slight_smile:


Hi @ilya,

Our main focus during past few months was to go through as much different use-case scenarios using different kind of hardware/software setup as we can to minimize all the possible issues you may face using pisound.
In other words delivering seamless experience for all of you guys is what we are after and that takes time. :slight_smile:

But the good news is that we already have the final design of the board and we are going to launch the crowdfunding campaign in January. The planned fulfillment will take around 3 months. The wait will be soon over. :wink:


That’s awesome news, thanks, Pranciskus!
Is there any chance to get into the “beta program”? I’m ok with getting pre-production quality board and ready to pay for it :slight_smile:

@ilya, there is a slight chance that we will have a few boards left after all the crowdfunding preparation procedures. In that case we will inform all of you through our mailing list. :wink:


Congrats on the crowdfunding launch! Fantastic job, guys! Wish you the best success!
Any chance of having extra boards left? :slight_smile:

@ilya, we have only 2 test boards left for our “prototypes shelf”. :slight_smile:

Any chance a board is still available to get?

We will introduce a pre-order option very soon. Stay tuned. :slight_smile: