Second hand PiSound?

Forgive me if this is inappropriate, but I’m looking to sell my PiSound. My musical gadgetry took a different turn and instead of the simple portable device, I ended up opting for a rack with more gear than is comfortable moving around.

Anyway, I need the Pi itself for a different project, and I realize that this PiSound is probably never going to be used. Is there any interest or a place where anyone recommend I sell this secondhand?


I think ebay or similar sites could work. :slight_smile:

I want to buy a second one actually, any Date for new ones? :slight_smile:

Did this get sold already?
Otherwise I m looking for one
Thank you

If all goes well, we should have Pisounds back in stock around February or March.

I still have this! Pisound and the case. Was looking for $75. Am in the USA.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Well that sounds good except that I’m in the UK - so maybe doesn’t quite make sense to ship it.

Best wishes


I’m in the US as well

Are you interested? I could ship it tomorrow if you’d like.

If it’s still available, I’m definitely interested. Let me know!