Shipping update?

I ordered Pisound a while ago and haven’t been updated. I understand there are shipping delays but I emailed Blokas help desk directly for information and was ignored. What’s up with that?

Hi, we have received your e-mail yesterday at 19.21, now it’s 10.01 on the next day. I guess we’re just on different timelines - we reply to e-mails during our working hours. We get back to everyone as soon as we can, but sometimes it can take one or at most 2 business days, we hope that’s reasonable. :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh thank you I’m in the U.S. and I hadn’t considered the time difference. I appreciate the info and I apologize for the misunderstanding on my part.

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Hey @Wizardofpizza I ordered two Pisounds on April 2 and they arrived two days ago. . I’m also in the U.S. (Chicago). Check out this tracking history for an idea of how crazy is must be for delivery people the world over (according to this it;s been delivered twice yet it’s also still out for delivery).

Honestly, I was expecting an international package to take even longer, the way things are right now. Hang in there, it’s worth it. (I have the first one up and running and there’s some deep stuff on here.) stay safe, m

receved today! Great job guys! Enveloppe was opened, though, but the parcel is ok. :+1:

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Sometimes the customs may open the packages to inspect the contents, but in that case I think they leave a note about the event on the package. Was this the case?

Usually yes, this time no. But everything’s fine, don’t worry :+1:
By the way, do you have a place users will be able to post their patches within a few weeks?

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Thanks :slight_smile: … I thought there were explainations of the pipes… :+1: