Pisound card not found

first install on pi 3B, followed all instructions; i downloaded pisound sw. but the card is not found ; can you help?
amidi response is: cannot determine device number

Hey, there’s 2 common causes for this issue - try turning off Raspberry Pi, and applying more pressure on the side of the headers so better contact is made, and powering the system on again.

Also make sure that you use a good power supply (at least 5V, 2A), we recommend this one.

Thanks for your fast responses. I have the official Pi PSU, 2.5 volts, I already tried to better plug the pisound, but I will try again.

Many Thanks for your great help. Indeed, as you said my OS was too old, based on your advises, I was able to upgrade it to the latest version, and by now, my pisound card is well recognized.

We have added a check to the install scripts to detect this case and print instructions on how to upgrade your kernel, so running:

curl https://blokas.io/pisound/install-pisound.sh | sh

will report whether a kernel upgrade is required for using Pisound.