Troubles installing pisound / verifying power supply

I have troubles installing pisound.
First of all, is there a possibility to check if the power supply is correct, and pissound is correctly powered?

Hi tomme, does the raspberry boot? What errors are you getting?

The raspberry boot with microUSB cable. I can’t verify if the pisound boot or not 'cause i don’t see a ON/OFF led…

To be able to use the beta pisound, you must use an external voltage supply other than USB. See

If raspbian or the OS you’re running boots up, you can try installing the driver as described or

p.s. I have split this off to a new topic, as the issue seems different from the other topic.

Question to understand if my powersupply is correct:
If pisound is correctly powered rasperrypi must boot without its usual microUSB cable?

Yes, micro USB cable does not have to be connected for RPI to run.

Hey tomme, as you have solved this issue, can you share what power supply worked for you?

Thank you!

this one: