Kernel Update to 4.14.39


Am I doing something wrong here? I’m just received my pisound and I am trying to get the pisound software installed on the raspberry pi. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




sudo rpi-update

Then reboot and run the install script again.


I have tried this a quite a few times. I run: sudo rpi-update It tells me my firmware is already up to date. I restart. Try to run the pisound install script and get the same error you see above. Should sudo rpi-update be updating to a kernel version above 4.14.34-v7+?


I may have had some luck. I was able to get rpi-update to update specifically to 4.14.39. Rebooting now.


sudo rpi-update should get you 4.14.50. What is the output of:

uname -a


I can’t try and reproduce this issue myself at the moment, however, to get around the kernel version check, you can just manually run the remainder of, by copying the below block into a terminal and pasting it:

echo Importing Blokas GPG public key...
wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -
echo Adding Blokas apt repository...
sudo wget -q -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/blokas.list
echo Updating package list...
sudo apt-get update
echo Installing Pisound software...
sudo apt-get -y install pisound
echo Updating /usr/local/pisound...
sudo sh -c 'cd /usr/local/pisound && git -c"blokas_installer" -c"blokas@installer" stash && git pull'
echo Now you may run 'sudo pisound-config' to customize your installation!

and update the kernel at a later time, the issue with pre 4.14.39 versions is ‘snd_pcm_delay failed’ error printed in software like Pure Data on high load.


Success. I was able to get up to 4.14.39-v7+. and successfully installed the pisound software. Thank you for your assistance. I will try running sudo rpi-update again to see if it gets me up to 4.14.50 now that I am at 4.14.39.


As long as it’s >= 4.14.39, it should be good to go, not strictly necessary to use very latest with Pisound :slight_smile: