[Pipe Request?] Isla Kordbot functionality

Hi there Blokas community!

I’ve preordered a MidiHub and am really looking forward to playing around with pipes to get some interesting combo’s going between my Synthstrom Deluge, Yamaha Reface CP, Akai 249 and Roland VT-4.

I would love to use the MidiHub to augment my lackluster keyboard playing skills using the harmonizer pipe. But I was wondering whether it is possible to get something like a Isla Kordbot or NLDR like functionality out of MidiHub?

Is it possible to store intervals to specific note triggers (similar to the chord buttons on the Kordbot)? Or even store chords to be triggered by another note trigger (similar to the memory buttons on the Kordbot)?

You could combine a note number filter, transpose and harmonizer pipes to convert a single note key press into a dedicated chord, so emulating such functionality is possible.