Could MIDihub replace this software?

This software is amazing and the interface is great. Midihub can already do a bunch of this I’d think. Maybe the community can build some of these ideas ?
Just wondering if this sparks ideas

Could MIDihub replace this software?

Not yet:
Midihub can do some stuff in this ball-park using pipes like Note Range Filter and Dispatcher.

But what Midihub doesn’t currently have is the facility to examine (a bunch of notes close enough to be called) a chord and determine their note order. This deliberate assignation seem quite central to Divisimate’s pitch.

“Chord” capabilities have come up a few times in the forum, so Blokas may have plans for this

I thought I saw that midi can spread the notes of a chord out to different midi channels.

Yes, Dispatcher does that; assigning each note to the next available channel (cycling through the channels you’ve designated) in the order they are received

Divisimate is slightly different in that you get to choose where the lowest note goes (and so on through the number of notes defined for a chord),

say C → ch1, E → ch2, G → ch7

whereas Midihub Dispatcher might do
G → ch1, C → ch2, E → ch7 if that’s the order the notes arrive.

Thus Midihub Dispatcher might give pleasing results but not to the level of predictability that Divisimate seems designed to offer.